Resume Lone

Resume for Lone Annette Rasmussen


My educational background is Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, specialising in drilling technology.

The first 3 years focussed on Mechanical Engineering at AUC in Denmark and the last 2 years focussed on Petroleum Engineering at UiS in Norway.


After graduating I started working for Maersk Contractors where I was employed for 5 years in various positions, but mainly as Assistant Rig Superintendent. In this period the work was mainly based in Stavanger, but also included ½ year in Copenhagen. About two years I was assigned to offshore positions, mainly on Maersk Jutlander and Mærsk Gallant. These years I had positions as Roustabout, Roughneck and Lean Drilling Enginner.


After Maersk Contractors I was recruited to Prosafe in Stavanger, which later became KCA Deutag.

All in all I was employed 10 years in Prosafe/KCA Deutag.

My first assignment for Prosafe was secondment to Hydro in Stavanger where I worked as Completion Engineer for the modular rig Rubicon located on Snorre A.


Afterwards I worked a short period preparing High Pressure High Temperature course for Kvitebjørn, before I went to Oseberg B as Operation Planner offshore.


The Managed Pressure Drilling project came up on Kvitebjørn in 2006, and after being a part of the MPD planning team in Bergen, I supervised the practical MPD operation onboard Kvitebjørn as MPD Supervisor.


After working with MPD for 3 years I decided it was time to get onto a fixed offshore schedule again, and returned to OSB as Operation Planner, before moving to an Assistant Driller position for ¾ of a year, also on OSB. This has provided me with practical drillfloor experience in addition to my planning and engineering skills.


In 2011 the OSB operation was manned down due to a major upgrade of the drilling rig, and I started with COSL as Operation Planner, stationed on COSL Pioneer.


December 2012 I started working as a consultant, stationed at Transocean Spitsbergen as night Drilling Supervisor for Statoil.

January to April 2014 I was stationed on Mærsk Inspirer on Volve as night Drilling Supervisor for AGR/Statoil, where we drilled the last well on the Volve field.

To get knowledge of drill ships and deepwater drilling, I worked as an offshore drilling engineer on one well for Centrica from August 2014 to end of well Dec 2014.


Further I have teached in Well Control level 2 for Maersk Training in Stavanger.


Finally I worked for Gas Storage Denmark as Well Service Supervisor for the two underground gas storages in Denmark.


To sum up:

  • MSc Petroleum Engineering
  • 22 years experience from drilling and well operations mainly on the Norwegian continental shelf
  • Both on- & off-shore experience
  • Worked on fixed Platforms, Jackup’s and Semi-Sub’s
  • Hold a valid Well Control Supervisor level Sub Sea certificate


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